Kayla's Advice to Student Moms

Kayla Knapp, a 23-year-old graduate from George Washington University, recently completed her Bachelor's in Theatre. (Yay! Congrats!)

She's stopping by with 5 quick tips for other student moms making their way through college:

1. Try to create a schedule that is babysitter friendly — i.e. piling up classes on one or two days a week, or just in the mornings or evenings. Whatever you can make work with childcare.

2. See if your school offers online classes you can do from home.

3. Take advantage of friends and classmates for babysitting. They are available, cheap, and on campus. Perfect if you need to take an hour or two to finish a paper or study for an exam.

4. Check out resources your school offers parents. My school didn’t have much in the way of student-parent support, but there were resources for faculty/staff parents that I found helpful. (The “Maternity Rooms” on campus for breastfeeding/pumping were amazing!)

5. Finally remember you are also in college! There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a party once in awhile, or catching a school event with your friends. It will keep you connected to friends and peers, which is important!

Kayla is currently back in school working on a second degree in Nursing.

Do you have tips for college moms? A story to share? Email me!