Ask Liann: Popular Baby Girl Name Ideas

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Dear Liann,

Hello! Can you help us? We named our son Connor in a unanimous hands-down decision. Now for our daughter, we totally disagree. I love the popular names like Emma, Ava, and Mia. He tends to like names like Amanda, Samantha, and Paige, which I do not like.

Any suggestions for a good meeting point?



Hi Megan,

I'm sure we can find a meeting point between your tastes. You both like popular names — his were popular names in the recent past, whereas you like the popular names of today. Maybe the common ground is to find a name that has been popular for the last few decades. Maybe that would satisfy your husband's taste (a name he's been familiar with for years), but also yours (as a name that is currently in style).

Here are my top suggestions:

timelessly popular baby girl names.jpg

Some of these have remained more popular than others, and some fit right in with the current Top 10. It's difficult to pick out which ones I think you and your husband will like because the list is so diverse, and I'm not sure which direction you're going with the middle name.

My favorites with Connor are Fiona, Eliza, Hannah, and Lily.

Good luck! And let us know what you decide.


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