Meet Ben: The Child of a Young Mom

Meet Ben.

He was conceived when his mother was only 24 years old. She had recently graduated with an Early Education degree and originally planned on working as an elementary school teacher, but at the time, she was working part-time at a preschool. Her salary wasn't very much, and she ended up putting her career on hold to be a full-time mom.

But Ben wouldn't know that. He always has food and a roof and plenty of love. He has more than enough toys. He's quite happy. In fact, he loves spending every single day with his beautiful Mommy. He'd tell you he's a lucky boy.

His Mommy and Daddy aren't married, and aren't planning to anytime soon. Certain people in their lives are upset about that. "Think about Ben! Poor Ben!" they say.

But Ben doesn't know the difference. He's never asked for legal proof of his parent's love. All he knows is a Mommy and a Daddy who live together. He'd tell you he loves them more than anyone in the world. He'd tell you he's a lucky boy.

Ben is a loving, silly, well-adjusted, smart little boy.

And despite his parent's age, career status, and marital situation, he's doing just fine.

Yes, he's doing just fine.

They're all doing just fine.

(P.S. Ben is my nephew; his mom is my sister. And I love them dearly.)