Some Cool Things

First off, this print should probably be hanging over all of our computers.^^^

Other than that — my brain is a little fried right now, so let's just get to the links. It's a pretty awesome batch:

A few good reads for the weekend:

One of my favorite bloggers is Casey from Moosh in Indy, who got married at a young age (19) after knowing her future-hubby for only six months. And she's been extremely candid about a rough patch in their marriage while her husband was in law school, which almost resulted in divorce. But it didn't. So this might be a helpful post for anyone feeling discouraged: Marriage Mistakes that Led to "I'm Leaving You"

I love this so much, I could burst: 100 ways to be kind to your child.

Create a peaceful space for your kids with this creative craft idea.

Chaunie is giving a freelance writing class, but there are only a few spots left.

Parenting has become more real and urgent, which — I'll be honest — is scary. I spend a lot of time thinking about the right lessons to teach him, the most effective approaches, and all the mistakes I'm probably making. (If you ask my husband, he'd say I think a little too much about these things, and he's probably right.) But this letter? This is a letter we should all write to our tech-bound children.

And here I am over at

The Problem With Having Kids When You're Younger

5 Ways to Practice "Conscious Parenting" 

Why We Don't Do Timeouts, and Maybe You Shouldn't Either


Enjoy your weekend!! xo