Some Cool Things

The last Sunday of September and the peak of Autumn here in New York — the kind of day I wish I could bottle up. So when winter creeps in (as she always does — dissolving the color and warmth in a quiet sweep), I could uncork my bottle and breathe in the vibrancy of Fall.

It's as if you can feel nature's pulse quickening, anticipating the stillness of winter — as if she's taking advantage of all the colors, all the senses, all the beauty, as she proudly peacocks for one last hurrah. And I love every short minute of it.

Here are some things I'd love to share with you:

Obsessed with this new site that celebrates extraordinary women, like Joan Didion up there.

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And this is the SWEETEST video from young-mom blogger Lacy of Living On Love. Congratulations, friend.

Meet you back here on Monday! xo