Some Cool Things

When he's not making smurf villages from playground mushrooms, Noah's back in preschool — which has been a bit of an adjustment that we're all still getting used to. Parenting is starting to get real, you guys. And I think I'm up for the challenge. (deep breaths)

Here are some cool things that you might have missed:

I'm wondering if I'm actually sharing a brain with Gemma, because so frequently her words have been my thoughts.

Maybe we all need to disconnect to connect. I've been thinking about implementing a stricter schedule for the Internet, considering the Internet is constantly blaring in my eyes and my brain. Considering my phone is constantly in my hand, my inbox constantly refreshing. Do you put limits on your own screen time?

Buzzfeed featured Noah's handmade Lorax costume! (Along with 20 other awesome costumes inspired by book characters.)

If you don't want a viral song stuck in your head, then don't click this link. Definitely don't click that link. (But you should probably go ahead and do it.)


I know I already shared this on Facebook, but please send your prayers and positivity to Emily, an inspiring young mom now facing cancer. This post broke my heart.


Do you have a link you'd like to share? Did you write a post that you're exceptionally proud of? Share in the comments below.