Back-to-School for College Moms: A Comprehensive Guide

Just because we're wrapping up Back-to-School week here on Early Mama, that doesn't mean the school-related content will end. I know that college is an important topic for young moms — whether you're starting undergrad classes, continuing with grad school, or thinking about going back to school.

Not all young moms are balancing parenthood with lecture classes and homework and internships — I certainly didn't — but it's a significant story that isn't being told. It isn't being told on the Internet or in marketing campaigns. It isn't being normalized on TV or talked about during campus orientation. You're facing real challenges and discouraging statistics, and where do you go for support and advice? Where do you go to feel less alone?

Three of our regular contributors have been college students during pregnancy and/or parenting — Emily (who completed all four years as a young mom), Megan (currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program), and Gemma (who spent her last semester as a pregnant student).

(FYI: I got pregnant on the day I graduated from college, and another Early Mama contributor, Heidi, skipped the college route altogether and is one of the smartest, most ambitious women I've met.)

In the meantime, here's a master source of back-to-school posts from Early Mama:

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