The 90s are BAAAAACK

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If we're friends on Facebook or you got a peek at my newest project, then you know how much I'm digging the 90s nostalgia right now. Like, it's probably borderline annoying — but I just can't resist a good Fresh Prince reference or Nickelodeon throwback. Or anything that Buzzfeed lists. (Seriously, anything.) I'm getting old, dude — rocking in my imaginary inflatable chair while hugging a tear-stained Teddy Ruxpin and watching clips of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on YouTube. (If you haven't searched for them already, be amazed at the cheesiness.)

As much as I'm sad to see my youth fade into a category now labeled "retro" and "vintage" (WHAT IS HAPPENING), would I really want to bring the 90s back? How about the fashion?

Well apparently the fashion world is feeling a bit of nostalgia as well, because so many of the biggest fashion trends for 2013 are plucked right out of the 1990s. For better...


...or worse.

Check 'em out:

25 Reasons the 90s are Back

90s Fashion That Can Totally Stay in the 90s <-- This one will really bring you back!


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