Some Cool Things


He bursts through the door with a grin that's wide and mischievous, one arm behind his back. A piece of white paper peeks over his shoulder, flapping as trots toward me, and I smile back.

I haven't been up to par lately and he knows it. He feels it.

And so he presents a single heart — a gesture, a reminder — as if it's the exact thing I need at that moment. Ta-da!

Except it is, Noah.

It is.

Here are some must-read articles for the weekend:

An inspiration boost: Married Young, and Never Giving Up

11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew

Remember Janet Belkin? Turns out she has all-around awesome advice.

Calling all Millennials: How to raise a kid who isn't whiny and annoying

And here are some favorites from the young-mom community:

Remember how Gemma told us about her unplanned pregnancy after a difficult postpartum depression? Turns out things are working out for her, and I'm so happy to read this post.

The story of a young marriage.

On letting go of your ego.

On not changing a thing.


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Have a lovely weekend, mamas. xo