Because You Have Goals, Too

There's something about physically writing down goals that focuses our priorities and gets things done. And I know it's not just my list-making obsession — I've heard countless stories of how people post their goals on the fridge or tuck them in their wallet, and it helps. Lists work, whether it's paying down debt, losing weight, or tackling 5-year career plans. They also help you recognize opportunities, like when I checked off a dozen Life List goals in one press trip.

And if you load those lists onto Go Mighty? They have an even better chance of happening, because a company could help fund your goals.

Which is what happened when P&G and Go Mighty helped nudge Justin and I to take our first ever couple vacation. (No Spring Break getaway, no summer traveling, no honeymoon.) We were super focused on building a life for ourselves — an earlier-than-expected adulthood — so the idea of a Justin-and-Michelle vaca hasn't been a priority.

Until now.

(Read that story: It Only Took 11 Years.)

We drove home smiling, flooded with an understanding of why vacations, why alone time, is so damn important for your soul. For your mind! For your health!

Read/see all about our trip over on Go Mighty, and take a look around while you're there. They make mighty things happen — and don't you deserve a little help?

Goal #1: Go On a Vacation Alone with my Husband

Goal #2: Visit All 50 States: RI

Goal #3: Eat Iconic Foods of the U.S.: Rhode Island Edition

We love you, Go Mighty. xxxxxxxxx