Question from an Early Dad



My life wasn't the only life that changed back in the 2008.

Justin became a father earlier than he expected to be, and we've been thinking about integrating his experience somehow/somewhere on Early Mama. (Related: Would that be interesting to anyone? He's super handsome, if that helps.)

And then I got this comment that made me realize that young parents come in all circumstances, and sometimes "early dads" need advice too.

Check out what John has to say:


Are there any websites that are for struggling fathers out there ?

I was told by a girl who I used to sleep with that she couldn't fall pregnant. We were not together, she was cheating on her boyfriend at the time, and it just happened. She was a tad on the crazy side, and we did have a agreement that our relationship was just sex and that was all.

Then she fell pregnant, after swearing black and blue she was infertile. Now I have a boy, who I only see once a week, and her parents hate me because of all the lies she has told them about me, and she cant come clean with them because it's gone on too far. I am heart broken that she only thought of herself, and didn't care that this little child would grow up and not have his daddy just down the hallway every night, in case he needed me.

She is always trying to find a new boyfriend, and it always ends in tears, and she comes over when I have him over night drunk and wanting sex. I am made to feel like the baby sitter and not his father, and driving home after having dropped him off from his one night stay with me a week is the most depressing thing in the world.

She refuses mediation, and talks to me like trash.

Yet, somehow, she can lie and paint me in a bad light , and everyone believes her. How dare she bring a child into a broken home. It makes me so angry, and my boy needs me, because all she thinks is its her way or the high way. Fathers also know whats best for their children. Can anyone give me advise, or is this just a men hating site ?

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