Some Cool Things: Weekend Edition

family photos

We took our first real family photos, which is totally weird for us but I'm so glad we did it. (More on that next week.)

I just wanted to pop in with some cool stuff that I think you guys will like, all in the "early mama" community:

For anyone who ever feared the "Did you hear who got pregnant?" question being whispered behind your back in an excitedly insensitive way.

Rebecca Woolf echoes many of my recent thoughts so perfectly and eloquently in this post. I love this; all of this.

I'm going to be talking about this TIME cover story next week, about Millennials (which is a lot of us here — whether you're 17 or 31). Some interesting stuff.

This post from Meagan Francis is my favorite.

Congratulations to Emily and Tara on their recent graduations! Congratulations on your baby girl, Gemma! And a happy 27th birthday to Chaunie!

And here I am, elsewhere:

My fellow four-eyes: The hottest trends in eyewear.

The parenting myth that drives me bananas.

A Mother's Day craft that's super easy for little hands.

DIY watercolor paints.

Noah: The toddler edition

Bizzaro beauty trends for 2013.

Enjoy your Mother's Day, ladies.