Some Cool Things

It's been a long week. One of those weeks when life gets in the way of (ahem) writing, but here's a photo of Benjamin to make you smile ^^.

I'll make up for my lack of posting with a bunch of awesome links to check out:

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Retirement planning for 20-somethings.

5 ways to make extra money online (and then check out even more legit make-money-at-home ideas).

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Smart advice to the young.

LOVE this "maternity shmernity" fashion series from a stylish young pregnant mama.

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This is why I work.

An important article for writers. And women. And humans.

And here I am, elsewhere:

15 common Spring Cleaning mistakes — plus tons of tips + DIY recipes

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To marry young or not to marry young: Why is this a question?

The sweetest tea sets for your little host.

10 tips for crafting with toddlers.

Baby names inspired by Disney/Pixar flicks.

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Cheers to a FULL WEEK of posts next week.