A Little Something to Make You Feel Old

A few weeks ago, in my Clinging On For Dear Youth post, I talked about how I'm creeping over the threshold from "young" to "not quite so young" and it's FREAKING ME OUT, YOU GUYS. If you're friends with me on Facebook (you can totally be my friend, not just my Early Mama friend, because I like you) then you know I've been posting a lot of nostalgic "remember when"s lately — like this TRL photo shoot from 1999 and things like this:

And if you follow me on Instagram, you might see me posting pictures of my stray grey hairs that keep multiplying and multiplying and I'M ONLY 26 WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Because even though I'm so happy to finally be settling into adulthood and I would never want to go back to the days of high school, it's kind of sad. And startling, especially when I realize things like, hey, this YM magazine issue came out 15 YEARS ago yet I can still remember reading these specific articles like it was....not 15 years ago.

When I brought the discussion to the EM Facebook page, a lot of you were like "Giiiirl, yes. ME TOO." Yet a lot of you still felt really young, and it seemed like most of these comments came from the under-24 crowd.

So if you're 24 or above, here's a "like, cool, and funky, and cool" video to make you feel old. No, no. You're welcome.


Britney, 2013:

My feelings exactly, Brit.


[video via Huffington Post]