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Another week, another weekly wrap-up. Things were pretty standard around here — a preschool field trip, after-school painting, an epic clash of good and evil, etc. etc. The ushe.

So for this installment of Web links, I'm sticking to some cool things that happened in the "early mama" blogging community:

Gloria Malone from Teen Mom NYC has been blogging and tweeting about the (insulting and counter-productive) teen pregnancy ads posted around New York City, and she was on the FOX News O'Reilly Factor making her point. Major props to her.

Congrats to Shannon Oertle (who, if you remember, wrote about a second pregnancy after postpartum depression) on the birth of her baby!!

I found this blog called Undone — written by three super-cute young moms — with the mission of counteracting the seemingly perfect bloggers and keeping it REAL.

For those pregnant moms contemplating adoption, or who have contemplated adoption in the past, this 25-year-old photographer chronicled her entire experience — from her unexpected pregnancy to the open adoption with her son. It's a real pull on your heart strings, but an important perspective — especially for us young moms.

Wishing Lacy from Living on Love (who, by the way, is my newest colleague at Disney Baby!) a very happy new home on her farm, and I'm excited to read her chronicle the experience.

Ellen from Itsy Bitsy Ellen emailed me and introduced me to her blog and story — she's a 19-year-old wife who wants to start a family, despite the fact that it's socially unacceptable. I especially like her post Ending the Epidemic of Conforming because she brings up an interesting issue that I've sort of touched on myself.

Many (all?) of us younger moms have felt the stings of judgement — even just indirectly, as if we're automatically less ambitious, less educated, less successful, less competent (enter any stereotype about young moms). And I've found that, as the judged, I'm now more conscious of judging others. So I'm loving this: Heidi from The Conscious Perspective is declaring the week of March 18th as Non-Judgment Week. Read her mission and sign up for the pledge along with me.

Do you have a blog post you're exceptionally proud of? Read something cool on the Interwebs? Link to it in the comments below. Share with the class.

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Have a good weekend, mamas! xo