Noah's SUPERHERO Birthday Party

Here's a look at Noah's 4th SUPERHERO birthday party.

First we started with capes. I ordered a 20-pack of multi-colored capes from the Etsy shop Cupcake Cutie Kids and my sister personalized them with felt letters and symbols for each kid.

And they were a hit.

For some fun, easy party décor, we just wrapped a bunch of boxes — in sizes big and small — in red, blue, and yellow paper that I found at The Teacher's Store. And then we mod-podged on some black cardstock to make them look like buildings. A little time consuming, yes, but I think it added a lot to the party. (The kids loved playing with them because, hello?, a wrapped box is still a box.)

We added a few more DIY details, too:

We didn't buy any fancy props (like a Superman phone booth or life-size statues — yes, I've seen it done) because we wanted to keep it simple and budget-friendly. You know that recent trend of hiring stylists and party consultants for birthday parties? And spending thousands of dollars for friends to ooh and aah on Facebook, while kids wonder why their fondant cake tastes like sweetened plastic, and what the heck "vintage" means? So not us.

We picked a theme that the kids would love — the boys in his preschool class have teamed up and declared 2013 the year of the SUPERHERO — and that Noah, in particular, wanted. My sister and I also secretly love using his birthday parties as creative outlets — like our Somewhere Over the Rainbow cake or our Very Hungry Caterpillar table spread; simple yet thoughtful.

And if this party taught me anything, it's that all kids really need are boxes, loose balloons, and silly string. And then you have a par-tay.

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