Some Cool Things


OH MY GOD, you guys.

Do you see that boat? That's where I'm going tomorrow. Just me and Noah, sailing the Caribbean for 7 days — hanging with his favorite people ever in the universe.

My cell will be non-existant and my Internet spotty at best, so I've lined up some guest posts in my absence. (Note: If you submitted a post — thank you! — but I haven't finished reading through all of the submissions. And if you haven't heard back from me, I'm only about halfway through your emails — so hang tight, please. I promise I will email each and every one of you.)

Also, here are some cool things I've stumbled on:

  • I related so much to this post, but in a different way than Melanie: "You dream of an ideal life and imagine what it would be like, then get discouraged when it doesn't happen. Or maybe it does happen and you get your dream, but it's disappointing because it's nothing like you thought it would be."
  • Insight into my fellow Gen-Yers that we probably don't want to hear.
  • I love this blog post so much.
  • A fellow early mama has big news — and she announced in the cutest way. (congrats!)

Some things I wrote:

I'll catch you back here next weekend — when I'll be way tanner and well rested. (hooray!)