Win a Stroller; Help a Child

** Looking for where to enter? Donate a minimum of $10 and put my name, Michelle Horton, in the "comment" section. Every penny goes to Charity:Water, and you have a very good chance of winning this gorgeous stroller set. Contest ends Wednesday night.

In one week from today, I'll be landing in Palm Springs, CA for what just might be the most memorable weekend of my life. I'm going to Camp Mighty — and instead of braiding lanyards and playing kickball, we'll be sharing Life Lists and learning from some of the most brilliant, creative people around. (Although, lanyard? Who could resist?) Camp Mighty is about doing good, living better, and getting smarter — which is what I'm all about. These are my people. 

But before I go, I'm raising money for an incredible organization called Charity:Water (re: the doing good part). Charity:Water is an organization that I've been involved with in the past — mostly because they're effective, transparent, and vitally needed. People all over the world are going without water, you guys. Babies. Children. Moms. Grandpas. These people are dying because they don't have a safe, clean way to get the most important, basic, life-sustaining necessity.

About every 19 seconds, a family loses a child to a water-bourne illness.

And all it takes is $20 to bring one person access to clean drinking water. But us? We're aiming to raise $20,000 — and every penny will go to fund water projects in Rwanda. About 70% of people here walk hours to collect water from contaminated rivers, but we can help.

That's where the stroller comes in...

I know that money is tight. You might be giving your spare time and money to the victims of Hurricane Sandy — which is a local crisis dear to my heart. And if you are, high five. You're awesome. So I'm dangling a shiny new prize, just to reward you for your do-gooderness.

Donate $10 to Charity:Water, and you'll be entered to win a brand new Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle — a gorgeous stroller for any environment or lifestyle. You'll also get the new Face To Face seat that turns your Mountain Buggy into a parent-facing stroller for little ones — plus it works as an independent baby seat. Donate here and put my name (Michelle Horton) in the comment section, and you'll be automatically entered.

Total prize is valued at $550.

If you just want to donate money without entering for the stroller, you're more than welcome, friend. But I know that many of you are struggling to afford strollers, and here's your chance to enter to win one WHILE doing something life-changing for a child across the world. Win, win.

Even if you don't win the stroller, your $10 will have done more for that community than the $10 could ever do for us here.

Not into strollers?

My team members at Camp Mighty are doing some mighty creative fundraising efforts, as well. Here are other ways you can get something cool while doing something even cooler:

1. Jennifer Monroe, a manager at BlogHer, is selling these Tooth Fairy pillows for only $10. Aren't they ridiculously adorable? If you want to order one, send her a private message on Facebook.

2. If you buy a print from Amber Marlow, 100% of the proceeds will go to Charity:Water.

3. Hayley from My Honest Answer is selling these handmade leather clutches for $30. Again, every penny will go to water projects in Rwanda.

And again, if you want to donate in my name, please do so here.

I'll pick a winner for the Mountain Buggy stroller system next Wednesday, November 14 and announce here on Early Mama. And please spread the word! This is an important cause + a great prize.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.