Another "Early" Baby On The Way!

My mom has confessed that she thought I'd never have children. She assumed that I'd be off to Manhattan straight out of college, laser-focused on building my career, and then I'd "wait too long," in her words. She thought I'd be practical and successful, sacrificing motherhood in the process.

It's a crazy thing for me to understand, because I always wanted to have a family one day. I loved cooing over little babies, and the conversation definitely came up when I was dating Justin. How could she possibly think that?

Because she was comparing me to my sister.

The little girl who was babysitting when she was barely big enough to hold a baby. (I had no interest in such thing. Ever.)

The girl who, in maybe 3rd grade, saved all of her allowance to buy one of those creepy dolls that looks and feels like a real baby (she named him Brian), which caused adults to double-take this itty bity girl cradling what appeared to be a real infant down the aisles of the grocery store. (To this day, Brian is off-limits for Noah.)

The college student who spent every free moment coaching little girls in gymnastics, just because she loved it.

The girl who screamed in excitement when she heard her sister was having a baby, when everyone else in her world was dumbstruck, crying, or dumbstruck while crying.

The aunt who dedicates all of her extra time and love to my son.

The young teacher who saved her money to fly to China and volunteer at an orphanage — just for the satisfaction of helping.

(Her baby-daddy boyfriend went on the trip also, FYI.)

Everyone expected her to be the first one to have a baby.

And now she's carrying my niece or newphew.


She'll be turning 24 years old soon— she waited a few years longer than I did, ha! — and she's very much an "early" mama, in every sense of the term. I know she's feeling a mix of emotions right now and dealing with a not-so-easy pregnancy, but I'm more than excited to add "early auntie" to my repertoire. (And to relive those early baby weeks without the sleep deprivation. Yessss.)

We'll have another BABY in the family. A baby! A sweet, swaddled little bundle with that brand new smell and those itty bitty lips. Onesies! Rattles! Baby carriers! Eek! They'll be another "early" perspective here at Early Mama, too, as she starts to navigate the path we've all been feeling our way down.

Congratulations Nikki and Chris. You two are natural parents, and I can't wait to love your child the way you love mine.

Waving right back atcha, little one! High five!


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