My Favorite Diaper Bags

diaper style recently asked me to compile my favorite diaper bags in a number of different categories, ranging from under $100 to way more than any of us would ever spend on a diaper bag. But for you, I'll tell you my absolute tippy-top favorites that are worth every penny.

If you want the best bag for the least amount of money...

JJ Cole Satchel($69.99), Skip Hop Duo ($58 - $70)

I recently took the JJ Cole Satchel on my Florida trip — as my carry-on, my beach bag, and also as my ordinary handbag — and I loved everything about it. It fit everything I needed (quite a feat!), plus transitioned beautifully as a going-out-to-dinner bag. I actually got compliments when we were out, even without them knowing it was a diaper bag. I was schlepping beach gear in style, I tell you.

And as for Skip Hop, I love all of their diaper bags. They have so many different styles to choose from, and they're all super functional with magnetic closures, crazy amounts of pockets, and stroller clips. (The JJ has stroller clips too, btw.) But if I had to choose one, I'd say the classic Duo gets the job done without costing too much cash. Highly recommend.

If you want a bag that lasts the long haul...

SoYoung Charlie Bag ($175), PPB Scout ($160)

These bags are pricier, yes, but you'll use them for years and years — for traveling, work, etc. And they're two of the smartest designs I've seen, for men or women. Gorgeous inside and out. My husband is a big fan of the Scout bag (made by Petunia Pickle Bottom), and I have to say he looks quite handsome with it slung over his shoulder or worn as a backpack.

If you want a chic, pretty splurge:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel ($129- $170), Ty Lucas Amore Tote ($345)

I'm all for saving money, but there's something to be said for splurging on a little something pretty — especially considering you might think that you're done with the diaper-bag stage, switch over to your favorite handbag (because how long can you carry something hideous around?), and then ruin it with leaked sippy cups and crushed-up snacks. (Not speaking from experience or anything, ahem.)

And if you buy the right durable diaper bag (PPB and Ty Lucas included), it will most certainly be used longer than pretty much any baby-product purchase.

That being said, there are plenty of chic diaper bags under $100. See all of my favorite diaper bags over at


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