Cooler Memory Books You Don't Know About

I had the hardest time finding the right baby book during my pregnancy, so I decided to make my own. Genius, I thought! No generic fill-in-the-blank questions. No cheesy graphics. And I had an entire 9 months to make it! High five!

So I made maybe 8 scrapbook pages during my downtime at work and downtime at home (yes, I once had a thing called downtime), leaving blank spaces for birth stats, milestones, photos, etc. (Exhibit A)

And then I had a baby.

Luckily someone gave me a baby book that I deemed worthy enough to use, or else I'd have absolutely nothing recorded about Noah's baby months. That scrapbook is sitting somewhere in a giant overstuffed closet, with no immediate intentions of actually finishing the thing. Yet if I would have just done the right research — and browsing the aisles of Babies R Us isn't the right research, FYI — I could have saved some time. And money. And some more money. (Scrapbooking might be a dying art, but it sure is expensive.)

Here are 5 baby books that I wish I knew about way back when:

1. This Is Your Book

If I were pregnant right now, this is the book I'd buy for baby #2. A cooler take on the baby book with modern style and creative flair. See more here.

2. The First 1,000 Days

Part journal/part baby book, this is perfect for anyone who prefers reflective questions and plenty of blank space. See more here.

3. Mom's Five-Second Baby Journal

Honestly, how interested were you/are you in your own baby book? How much can you really appreciate the first time you rolled over, or the date that you said "dada" for the first time? This book, however, is like a snapshot of mom's life — how you felt, what you hoped for, what you liked/didn't like, etc. It shows you as a wife, a friend and a woman, but mostly in the context of being a mother. This is a much more interesting keepsake to pass down. More here.

4. Twelve Wishes For Baby

This won't replace a more traditional record keeper, but Twelve Wishes For Baby documents the tidbits of advice that really matter — like 5 simple rules to live by, and reasons he can always count on you. More here.

5. Sara Midda Baby Book

A more artistic take on the traditional baby book. It records all of the information you could hope for, but in a much prettier package. More here.

See 7 more unique baby books that I love.


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