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In the beginning, I tried to keep Noah away from the TV. Partly because that's what I was "supposed" to do, and partly because I didn't want to taint his pure, uninfluenced imagination.

But then he heard The Hot Dog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on YouTube (because apparently YouTube clips didn't count?), and it became the first "kid" song that he loved. More than that, he was inexplicably drawn to Mickey — except he called him "hot dog" because, strangely, "hot dog" was one of the first phrases he could say, and who was Mickey Mouse? (Funny side note: We took 20-month-old Noah to a Halloween party where a 6-ft. Mickey Mouse scared the living crap out of him, and he woke up in the middle of the night sobbing "HOT DOG, HOOOOT DOG!")

So much of who he is right now is songs and role play and imagination. Performing. And as much as he loves books, the lyrics and scripts that he repeats and expands on can always be linked back to a movie or TV show.

His fell in love with Winnie The Pooh characters early on, which inspired countless of my own original bedtime stories, and continues to inspire his artwork choices and adorable phrases (like when he walks outside on a cloudy day and says "Tut tut, looks like rain!").

It was Sleeping Beauty's three good fairies who sparked his ongoing fascination with wands, magic, and everything that comes with wands and magic. Cinderella (every version ever made) solidified his love.

Toy Story single-handedly launched a million reenactments to infinity and beyond. (He has about four or five Buzz Lightyears, which can be found on him almost as often as a wand. And how awesome are his cardboard Buzz Lightyear wings that Justin whipped up?)

So when I was asked to join Disney Baby, of course my answer was yes. As much as I planned to avoid all kinds of mainstream characters and TV shows, Disney truly has been at the center of so much of Noah's magic. It's undeniable. He doesn't sit in front of the television all day mindlessly watching cartoons, but he does use those characters and story-lines as jumping off points for his own imaginative adventures. (True story: His favorite show is Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior, and it was the only thing that got him over his fear of the doctor. He regularly walks around the house with a play stethoscope dangling around his neck, asking me to diagnose his toys' ailments.)

Disney brought magic into his life, and for that I'm grateful.

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