Remember That Pet Peeve Of Mine?

A reader sent me this video — admittedly a pretty long time ago — and it's worth a watch. Just to prove my point about that pregnancy/parenthood myth that bugs the heck out of me.

BAM! There it is.

Now, I'm not saying they don't have a point. Of course there are things that are easier to do pre-kids — like biking across the country, for instance. Or jumping on a plane on an hour's notice. Or jumping out of a plane without being preoccupied with life insurance policies.

But really, Honda? The Northern Lights? The only thing cooler than experiencing the Northern Lights would probably be watching my son looking up at the Northern Lights. My kid stares at a sunset like it's the most beautiful painting he's ever seen.

And building a fighting robot? How kick-ass would that be for a 9-year-old boy? Honestly.

CAN WE JUST STOP? Let's stop. Let's stop telling the world that parenthood is the end of accomplishments or goals. That we're confined to housework and PTA meetings and traveling soccer matches in our mini vans. That we better get everything done before we have kids, because those little babies suck the life right out of us.

We can travel the world with kids in tow. We can become masters at our craft. We can become famous celebrities. We can change the goddamn world.

It's not a Leap List, Honda; it's a Life List. And parenthood is certainly not the end.

End rant.

As you were.