I Never Would Have Survived 1939

I set out to write about marriage today — something that I feel much too naive/expertly qualified to discuss — but I have about 10 minutes before I head out for Noah's preschool pick-up. So let me just put a bookmark in that thought while you ponder over this little gem I found. It's a Marital Rating Scale from 1939 that shows the "merits" and "demerits" of being a husband and wife, created by a guy who credits himself as an Ph. D and an M.D.:

If only my husband would read newspapers aloud to me and leave me an ample allowance. And if only these crooked seams in my pantyhose and ghastly red nail polish weren't ruining my marriage. The answers are all here, folks. All here.

**UPDATE: A reader found the entire survey for us! Yay! Read the entire thing here, in all its antiquated glory.

[via Babble.com]