Babble Posts

I've been busy writing about style, products and pregnancy over at Here are some of my faves:

After many months (years?) of trial and error, I've finally worked out a consistent schedule that's working well for me. Transitioning from an office setting to a work-at-home lifestyle has been an utter dream, yet balancing it all has been...tricky. Right now I'm alternating nights of 4-hour sleep and 9-hour sleep (give or take a toddler's wake-up call) and it seems to balance out. I also have a solid 6-hour chunk of working hours three days a week, with specific time scheduled in for chores. So fingers crossed! I've already been more productive and organized than I've been in a long time. (And being a by-the-books Virgo, that's basically everything.)

Next step: Scheduling in some exercise. Baby steps.

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone!