What REAL Moms Look Like

Last week I wrote an Early Mama Facebook status: "Every time I hear a 20-something say 'Ugh, this makes me look like a mom,' my blood slightly boils."

I get what they mean, right? Jill Taylor from Home Improvement, with poofy short hair and high-waisted "mom jeans." Minivans filled with soccer gear, padded shoulder blazers, sweats and scrunchies. Preceding a fashion with the word "mom" suddenly changes the meaning to frumpy. Or boring. Or old.

But doesn't it just perpetuate a doomsday message to young women? That their style, bodies, and looks will suddenly take a sharp turn downhill, careening into a ditch filled with Crocs, loose-fit trousers, and sensible blouses? That all moms have the same "I gave up" look that might as well be embroidered with a scarlet M?

And many of you agreed.

Alessandra Gutierrez came up with the idea of a Flickr group, where we could upload photos to show everyone how fabulous and diverse we really are.

So I started one! You can upload photos to the public group called "What Real Moms Looks Like," and I'd love if you could Tweet and/or Instagram your photos with the hashtag #whatrealmomslooklike. I'll feature some of them on here every now and then, and if we have enough submissions, even bring the idea over to the Babble.com community.

(If you don't want your photo shared, just note that in your description. And be sure to leave any relevant blog/Twitter links so I can send some traffic back your way. Or you can stay anonymous — your call.)

It doesn't have to be fancy — or it can be, whatever. Show your tattoos! Your non-"mom-ish" jeans! Your individual, unique style that sets you apart from the cliché. And be sure to spread the word!