Reason #21: Let's Stay Home

I know this is hard for a lot of people to understand, considering my age and the young-ness that I "settled down" — but I have partied. Kind of a lot. I went to bars long before I was legally allowed. I lived in a college dorm. I even lived in several apartments (5!) — by myself, with roommates, and with my now-husband.

I've had enough dance-floor dancing, shot taking, and embarrassing moments to last the rest of my life. You can ask my college friends. (Or don't, actually.)

But I never really liked it. It always felt like a chore — something I was supposed to do — and I in no way went out as often as the typical college girls who found an excuse to drink preeeetty much every day of the week. I couldn't keep up. No thanks.

Confession: I got my first job as an excuse to not go out on the weekends. As much as I enjoyed being with my friends, I'm secretly a bit of a loner. And when I went away to college, I happened to find similar homebodies who enjoyed hanging out in our room and watching sappy movies. And dancing. By ourselves.

That's just who I am.

So when people tell me that "all the young moms I know eventually felt like they missed out on something," I fully, wholeheartedly know that it won't be me. I know I didn't miss out on anything because I've always known that it wasn't for me. I got it out of my system at an early age, and I was ready to move on. Having a condensed version of the "typical" experiences — dating, partying, living alone — was enough for me. Next.

When given the option to go out on a Friday night or stay in, I say let's stay home. Especially when home looks like this:

We all have different personalities. Luckily early parenthood compliments mine.

(And I still throw weekly dance parties — my partner is just way smaller. And way sillier.)