Happy Weekend!


Here we are at another weekend! To be honest, Justin's been off all week (recovering from a month(s)-long mystery illness), so it's sort of felt like a week-long weekend for us. I know Noah's been so happy to have his daddy every day. Anyhoo, here are some things I wanted to share with you:

  • Confession: I sort of don't know what Noah's first word was. It all jumbled together. But it doesn't get cuter than this little girl's first words after losing her voice for 2 years.
  • This weekend I'm determined to get serious about our budget. I'm the worst, second to my husband. Great team, we are.
  • How do you plan on talking to your girls about beauty?
  • Babble asks: Is it selfish to have one child?
  • And Chaunie asks: should money be a factor in family planning?
And here are some posts from Babble.com:
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