Reason #18: Non-Sexy Halloween

While other 25-year-olds are lacing up corsets and sucking in their bare (freezing) bellies, I'd much rather be doing this.

Noah came up with the idea of "The Scarecrow" for his Halloween costume, which I was all for because:

A) After watching The Wizard of Oz more consecutive times than I'd like to admit, I knew my sister could easily replicate the costume; and

B) It's tailor-made to be weatherized with a "stuffed" shirt, hat, gloves and boots.

After my sister whipped it up in what seemed like a few hours, we gave the costume a test-run at his nursery school's Halloween party. Here's a little (very, very little) clip of the costume in action:

Note: He was originally singing "If I Only Had a Brain," which is a small part of his daily sing-a-long repertoire, but, of course, he conveniently stopped performing. It's impossible to catch this kid in action.

And here's the finished product from Halloween night:

Have a very Happy Halloween! 

Isn't it nice to be surrounded by tiny handmade costumes and candy-fueled excitement rather than strips of spandex and stumbling drunks? Just saying.


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