Modern Mom, Meet Modern Baby Monitor

You scroll through mom blogs rather than flip through parenting books. You record newborn feedings in your phone's app, not with a pen and paper. You click on Hulu during 3 a.m. feelings rather than turn on cable.

And modern times call for modern mom gadgets -- like the innovative EVOZ monitor. This monitor brilliantly syncs up with your smartphone, meaning you can check in on your baby no matter where you are (no X-ft. range!), as well as receive texts/calls/emails when your baby wakes up. And to go one step further, the monitor even charts your baby's sleep and crying schedules -- especially convenient for Type-A moms (hi, there) obsessed with keeping track of those things.


Learn more about the EVOZ over at Being Pregnant, and then go comment on the "Never Enough Time" Facebook page* for a chance to win. (Tell them Early Mama sent you!) A winner will be announced next Wednesday on Facebook.

*Note: I help moderate the "Never Enough Time" Facebook page -- a place for busy modern moms.