Happy (Fall?) Weekend!

It feels like Fall around here, with that crisp, sharp freshness in the air. I broke out the scarf and trench today -- boots are soon to follow, I'm assuming. Does anyone else wish we could just put a pause on this season? Just for a few extra months?

My big plans for the weekend involve a multi-family yard sale (hooray!), where I'm hoping to unload my bursting closets. Step 1 toward re-organizing and simplifying my life. So while I lug and label my bagillion items to sell, here are some things I'd love to discuss with you:

  • Let's not forget to offer the same kind of acceptance and open-mindedness to older moms as we'd like as younger moms. Not all 40-something, childless women are selfish. Not all older, childless women put their career before family. Some just haven't found the right guy, and would like to be as hopeful as they can about their future family.
  • Delaying motherhood isn't just a US norm -- it's also true up in Canada, where 1 in 5 babies are born to a women over 35. And of course, they're pointing out the risks.
  • Yet it's young mothers like this one who give us all a bad rep.
  • My Being Pregnant colleague, Melanie, looks young for her age, so she's afraid that outsiders will mistake her for an unwed teen mom. She's wondering if any of us young moms have had ridiculous things said to us. Go on, tell her.
And here are my Babble posts for the week:

Have a Happy Weekend! Meet you back here on Monday. xo