Reader Question: Where to Find Cute, Affordable Clothes?


After I wrote that Threadless post a couple of months ago, I got several emails asking about where I buy the rest of Noah's clothes (on a budget).

Even though I write for a style blog over at -- where I'm frequently drooling over luxe baby gear and designer kid's clothes -- that's not how we roll in real life. I'm not about to spend an inordinate amount of money on my toddler's wardrobe, which he'll A) stain and/or B) grow out of by next season. When it comes to accessible shopping (no shipping costs and long waits), here's what I've found:

Best for Basics: Old Navy

This is a shot of Noah browsing the $5 t-shirts at Old Navy this week, which is my first stop for affordable basics in abundance. It can be a little hit or miss at Old Navy depending on the season, but I've ended up with some pretty great finds over the last two years. (Noah just about fell over in amazement when he saw Grover and Curious George on $5 graphic tees, but I nudged him over to this one. Much better, right?)

We ended up leaving Old Navy with a big bag full of clothes for less than $75 -- and I know he'll get mega use out of them all. (Want to see what we ended up with? Click over here.)

Best for Style: H+M

If I could choose only one department store to shop in, it would be H+M -- hands down. It does cost a little more than Old Navy, but I just can't help myself in the kid's section. I'm especially in love with their kid's skinny jeans, which are the absolute best quality I've found yet. (You can see Noah in them here, here and here.) I'm constantly getting compliments on them everywhere we go, and they're less than $20. The quality of their kid's clothes, in general, is just better.

Best for Designers: Target

If you're all about the labels, Target is obviously on your radar. Their latest Target Missoni collection crashed their site in a matter of minutes, but there's still some cute stuff left for babies and kids.

As far as online shops, my favorites are Zara (similar to H+M), Threadless and Etsy.

What are some of your favorite affordable shopping sources?