Studying Abroad...with a Toddler

Two 20-year-old college students dream of studying abroad. They plan and they plan, until they find out they're unexpectedly expecting a child. But rather than scrapping their plans, ignoring that dream, they eventually decide to study abroad anyway. With their toddler.

That's exactly what Darlene of Tales of a Young Mamma and her now-husband decided to do, spending 7 months in Stockholm, Sweden -- as a family.

People told them they were selfish. Irresponsible. Irrational. Studying abroad with a toddler? That's madness!

Yet they had the 7 best months of their lives -- proving that nothing is impossible. It might take more determination and creativity, but having a child doesn't have to stall your dreams. Your child doesn't want to confine your life; he wants to experience the adventure right along with you. And if you listen to the doubters, believe the restrictions, then you just might miss out on the most incredible experiences of your life.

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