Blurring Teen Mom with Young Mom

Did you hear how 39-year-old actress Sofia Vergara (from Modern Family) spoke out in Redbook about the benefits of having her son at 19 years old, including having more energy? And that, although her boyfriend would love to have another baby (which is possible at her age!), she doesn't think she could handle it as well as she did 20 years ago. (Although she might be open to the idea. Can you imagine? 20 years apart?)

Yet sites like Celebrity Baby Scoop and Cafe Mom labeled her as defending the teen mom. Michele Zapp from CafeMom even went so far as to compare Sofia's experience to the MTV show Teen Mom. Michele admits she has some envy for the young moms who are around longer to see their kids grow old, but "talk to me in 16 years and my daughter having news for me like this and it might be a different story."

Are people blurring the young mom and teen mom? Of course there are pros and cons for every situation -- and I love that Sofia has highlighted some positive aspects of young motherhood -- but being a 16-year-old mother and a 21-year-old mother are two very different situations. There's a difference between being in high school, walking the halls with a noticeable belly blazing like a scarlet A, and being a legal adult.

What do you think? Do you consider a 19-year-old woman a "teen mom"? Or would you categorize her more as a "young mom". Or do you think the teen mom and young mom experience isn't all that different?

Despite the label, I do love finding inspirational examples of young moms, like (super sexy) Sofia, who have gone on to create incredible careers and find success. It gives all of us a better rep, don't you think?