Threadless: Cooler Clothes for the Masses

threadless clothes

One cool thing about being younger moms is that we're fully immersed in the youth culture -- from fashion to music to movies. And while kids' clothes are a trendy market for big designers (everyone from Stella McCartney to Lanvin is now designing for the little ones), designer clothes aren't exactly practical for an entire toddler wardrobe. Not while spaghetti sauce and nursery school tuition still exist. Yet licensed cartoon characters and cheesy designs don't belong on my son.

One of my favorite t-shirt sources is Threadless. Designed by a community of indie artists, these are some of the most unique, edgy, urban-cool designs -- all starting at $5. Here are some of my favorites (besides the Funkalicious tee that Noah's wearing, above):

You can shop all Threadless tees (yes, they come in adult sizes), as well as wall decals, art, water bottles, iPhone covers, etc.