Better Baby Products: The Exersaucer

When it comes to infant activity centers, we're usually stuck with the giant plastic monstrosities that take up way too much room and way too much of our ugly quota. We really need a place like IKEA to come up with an affordable yet convenient option, or even a company like Skip Hop to at least design a cute one. But no -- we're forced to spend at least $50 on huge plasticy pieces that we all secretly hate but our babies love. And then what do you do with it after a month or two? Stick it in the attic.

Your best option for short-lived necessities like the exersaucer is to borrow one from a friend or find one second-hand. Hands down. Then when you're done with it, you can pass it on to the next desperate yet reluctant friend, who will then pass it on -- and so forth.

Yet if you're looking for something that's a) easier on the eyes and/or b) something you can happily keep and store for future babies, this Go-Pod at Giggle ($55) is collapsable and much more attractive -- plus it has loops to attach all of your baby's favorite toys and rattles, as well as snack and drink holders. And of course since it's collapsable, you can easily take it to Grandma's or on vacation, which is next to impossible with the standard activity centers.

So what do you think? Is this the ultimate baby activity center? Or do you prefer the traditionally bright, plastic exersaucers?