Because 87% of Baby Pictures are on Cell Phones

instagram book

 Ok, so I made that statistic up. But it sounds about right.

I don't know about you, but I rarely carry a camera around with me. (I have my sister for that.) Because a regular camera can't snap an extra-cute moment and text/email/Facebook it instantly. A camera isn't by my side at all times. I don't have a mini panic attack when I can't find my camera. (You get the idea.)

When Noah was first born I often joked that this would be the first generation of baby books filled with grainy cell phone shots, which seemed a bit sad until iPhone's Instagram came about. And now my husband's iPhone pictures look cooler than anything my point-and-shoot can do. Luckily those Instagrams aren't just for the virtual world anymore:

Blurb now creates photo books out of your most recent Instagram photos (with your most "liked" photo on the cover).

Prices start at $10.95 for a 20-page book, making it an affordable way to capture all of those adorable Instagrams from your cell phone.

P.S.: Speaking of digital-age photo books, a company called JotJournal creates photo books from recent Facebook statuses for a snap-shot of your life. Perfect for pregnancy, perhaps?

P.P.S: If you're looking for photo book options, I really love the customization and quality of Picaboo.