gDiapers Hybrid Cloth Diapers: The Perfect Compromise (WIN a Set!)

g diapers

While the idea of each disposable diaper sitting in a landfill for 500 years is mind-boggling, and the thought of chemicals and plastics rubbing against my baby's bottom makes me cringe, it's really the cost factor that cinched our cloth diaper decision. Spending $25 on a case of disposable diapers every couple of weeks is literally throwing your money in the garbage, considering there are so many cloth diaper options on the market.

But not only cloth diapers but hybrid diapers. If you're not a fan of washing poop explosions or toting around a wet bag of dirty diapers, gDiapers is the best of cloth and disposable in one earth-friendly hybrid diaper. In addition to the super cute, super soft outer gPants, you have the choice between 100% biodegradable gRefills (that you can compost, flush or toss) or gCloth (that you can wash and reuse).

And I'm happy to be giving away a set!

gdiaper spring summer

gDiapers are actually what I chose for Noah when he was around 4 months old, mostly because we had family and friends watching him while we were at work. Even though Justin and I were committed to using cloth, our caregivers weren't. And I'd never expect them to be when they're already doing something so major for us. The gDiapers hybrid option -- which easily flushes down the toilet -- was the perfect compromise. They were super cute on him (keep reading for a picture) and fit really well, but we just didn't have enough to make a full-time commitment. And back then we didn't have a lot of extra money to invest in an entire collection. That's why I'm extra excited to be giving away a set to a lucky reader, in hopes that you'll be able to afford an entire cloth diaper collection. (P.S. We also have the larger version for him now and we use the cloth inserts. We don't use them overnight, but they're one of our favorites. Noah likes how they aren't as bulky as some of the others.)

gdiaper hybrid

I'm giving away one of each of the gDiapers' Spring/Summer gPants (aqua, yellow, navy and brown), as well as a gWet bag, a gLaundry bag and your choice of either gCloth or gRefills. Head over to Family Style to enter to win your own! And for an extra entry, tell us whether you prefer cloth or disposable inserts on our Early Mama Facebook page.

And here's a photo of Noah in his gDiapers circa 2009:

Nice hair, man. 

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