Happy Weekend!


I meant to write this post this morning -- I tried, at least -- but Noah crawled onto my lap, shut the computer and said "No work today, Mommy. Noah time."

How do you argue with that?

So we went out to breakfast (where Noah commented that everything was "so pretty!" -- from the tables to the floor to his food), and then we did a little shopping. (That's Noah posing with the Old Navy family, up there!) And now I'm listening to Justin and Noah role play with his little figurines, which is what Noah would prefer to do around the clock.

Anyway, the rest of my weekend is mostly going to be split between family and work, but it sure is nice to have Justin home for the entire weekend. If you've sent in emails to be featured on Early Mama, I will try my very hardest to respond this weekend.

Here are some things going on in the Early Mama community:

  • Rebecca Woolf is probably my most favorite blogger of all time, especially since she had her first baby at 23 years old. She featured some stylish maternity finds for her twin-growing body. (Plus she's giving away a maternity dress.)
  • I'm loving The Baby Blackbird's Family Style post, since Brandy has one of the most stylish families ever. Take a look.
  • Amber ponders: Does she want another child or just another baby?
  • How did you prepare for baby #2?
  • The brilliant woman behind Handmade Charlotte is also an Early Mama! Have you checked out her incredibly unique finds?
  • I love these.
  • Have I mentioned that I'm slightly obsessed with these triplets? Their "early" parents are quite the inspiration.

I also write daily posts for Babble.com's Family Style + Being Pregnant. Here's what went on this week:


P.S.: Noah is now trying to lure me out of hiding by saying, "Mommy! I have toooyyyss!" That doesn't work on me, kiddo. Nice try. Have a wonderful weekend, all!