Happy Birthday, Mommy!














Today is an extra special day over here: my mom's birthday! The big 5-2.

I'll be taking a little "Family Day" break from the computer, but not before wishing my mom a public Happy Birthday! To the woman who rocked me, nurtured me; kept me safe and warm and loved. To the woman who allowed me to safely confide in her -- no matter how trivial or shocking my confessions. To the woman who raised me to be a strong, passionate, positive-thinking person. To the woman who knew I was pregnant before I did, and hasn't stopped being supportive, loving and present every step of the way. To the woman who loves my child as if he were her own.

To the most important woman in my life: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank goodness you were born, otherwise all of this wouldn't exist. I know it goes without saying, but I love you. You're the strongest, most supportive, most understanding mother of them all, and I hope to be the kind of mother you were to us. xo

P.S.: I considered posting some 80s-licious photos of you when we were babies, but I decided against it. Consider it a birthday present.

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