Happy Weekend!

  ikea design

So my husband had off yesterday (because he has to work today), so you know what we did? We spent the entire day in IKEA. It was ah-mazing. Along with doing some research for work, we also bought an entire new bedroom set and now have plans to re-vamp every room in the house. (Yes!) We're in desperate need for a change, and while we tend to live a nomadic life (this is our 9th apartment together!), we need to stay more grounded with a little one. So we'll just have to change up the interior, which, frankly, is much easier. I honestly despise moving, even though I get antsy for change. I'm most excited to redesign Noah's room. (Can you believe he's still in a crib at almost 2.5 years? It's definitely time for a big boy bed!)

So my weekend will probably consist of a lot of building, organizing and painting. Do you have any fun plans?




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P.P.S: The above picture is from the IKEA blog! I don't understand a word of Swedish, but the pictures are fun to browse.