Just Married by Monica Bielanko


The post that draws the most attention here on Early Mama is the one I wrote about young relationships and whether or not they last. And I read through all of your comments, about how you're determined to beat the odds, how you felt judgement, pitied, as if you were naive and set-up for failure. How you've been in happy 10+ year marriages that you were told would never work. How there's hope for the least likely of relationships.

And then I read Monica Bielanko's essay in Stories I've Only Told My Mom and she blew us the hell out of the water. Two months. She knew her husband -- the father of her two children -- for two months before getting hitched.

Do you guys follow Monica's popular blog The Girl Who? Follow along with her posts at Babble's Being Pregnant? If you don't, let me tell you that she has this intoxicating writing style that sucks you right in, and this essay is no different. Let me just show you how it starts:

When you are staring at your Mom across the kitchen counter and you’re talking gossip and crap and somewhere in the conversation you manage to drop in a hot nugget about how you recently got married to a man she doesn’t really know and she still manages to spatula-flip the omelet she’s whipping up in her apple-themed  kitchen as her jaw bounces off the formica and back up into her face, well, you can be damn certain she loves you as much as the day you were born, long long ago.


I met my husband one hot August night. I was speeding toward a movie theater after work to catch a late flick, one of those Jason Bourne movies, part 23 maybe? A co-worker texted me to meet him instead, in the parking lot of a local bar.  He wanted me to see this band from Philadelphia he’d been raving about.  I told him I didn’t feel like it.  He told me he’d bring a bottle of my favorite liquor, we could take a couple shots in the parking lot before going inside.


I thought about it.  Matt Damon?  Jagermeister?  Sexpot spyboy?  Jagermeister?  Blow gun darts to the neck? Thick Viking-style cough syrup?


Ten minutes later I was in the parking lot slurping Jager.


An hour later, through my good buzz, I saw a sexy guy on a stage playing a guitar and I was a goner.


A goner.

She goes on to detail their whirlwind first meeting and subsequent marriage, and how she broke the news to her poor mother. A mother who's only daughter secretly eloped to a man she didn't know.

If you don't buy the book for my essay or for Amber's, Monica's is certainly worth the $4.99 price. (And don't forget there are also 13 more incredible stories in there too!) To make things even easier for Kindle and Mac users, you can buy Stories I've Only Told My Mom on Amazon.

And if you want a visual of Monica and her Rockstar hubby, see hilarious videos of them here and here before Monica delivered her baby Henry. It'll make you believe that love is love, no matter when it comes.

Photo: CShayR/Flickr