A Cheaper, Better Art Solution

I'm not complaining by any means, but, you know, having a baby at 22 -- right after a bank-account-dwindling unpaid internship and the beginning of an entry-level job -- means I don't have as much cash stacked up as I would have if I spent another 10 years socking away money, making smart investments, contributing to a retirement fund before childcare expenses kicked in.

But that just means I have to be thrifty. Creative. Resourceful. And what's so wrong with that?

This, my friends, is one of my favorite money-saving ideas: Instead of buying pricey prints to frame, just frame pretty tea towels. 1) They're way cheaper at around $20, 2) they're the same size as a $50 - $100+ print would cost, and 3) the linen texture gives more depth than traditional paper. Take a look of some of my favorites:

From Supermarket ($14 - $27; all screen-printed by hand):

Fern Living ($19):

Ink + Wit ($22):

Marimekko ($15 for one/$29 for two):