Happy (Mother's Day) Weekend!


I can't believe it's Mother's Day already -- this year is flying! I hope you all enjoy a weekend of sleeping in, gourmet breakfast in bed and lounging on the couch while your children (busy cleaning, of course) occasionally pop in to give you a kiss or a hug or chocolate. (The real Mother's Day dream.) I'm guessing that Mother's Day is just a holiday here in the States, right? Do other countries have an equivalent holiday? (This is a really interesting article about how the founder of Mother's Day spent her whole life trying to take it back.)

Here are some things I've been meaning to tell you:

  • If you follow me on Twitter and I don't already follow you back, shoot me a message! I'd love to follow you as well.
  • And is everyone following along on Facebook too? My very ambitious goal is to have 1,000 FB followers and/or 1,000 Twitter followers by my 25th birthday (August 27), so help me out! Spread the word! I owe you.
  • I just discovered the blog yes and yes, which is where the above image is from. Such an inspirational spot! If you ever find yourself looking through your baby-less friend's vacation pictures and feeling envious, or feeling insecure that the mom in play group has it all together, read this.
  • A video tribute to young mamas making a difference.
  • A great article about the stereotypes of young motherhood over at The Frisky.

I also write for Babble.com's Family Style and Being Pregnant. Here's what's going on:

  • You have until tomorrow to enter our Mother's Day giveaway from Stella & Dot! (Have you seen their jewelry?) 15 lucky winners will receive a custom jewelry collection -- just tell us who your celeb fashion inspiration is!
  • I usually hate these, yet...I kind of love these.
  • Why did it take so long to invent this? Right, city mamas?
  • I'm obsessed with this idea.
  • Creepiest. Baby. Shower. Cakes. Ever.
  • The first one kind of makes me want to get pregnant...


And here's what's going on in the Early Mama world:

  • The difference between men and women? Guilt.
  • Did you know that the incredibly talented woman behind Handmade Charlotte was an Early Mama as well?
  • The best gift this mom ever got. (P.S.: how gorg is she?!)
  • Fellow young Babble-blogging mom, Stevee, is about to go into labor any minute.
  • And another one of us Early Mamas at Babble just had her third baby, Addison.
  • Remember the Q+A from Elissa yesterday? Everyone should totally add her Tumblr to their daily reads.
  • Look how far these triplets have come in two months!
  • Alessandra attempted to make a stuffed animal out of her child's drawing and ended up terrifying him. But what a clever idea!

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