Because Not All Bath Toys are Equal

I have a pretty awesome gig over at, testing and reviewing product year-round. While my husband will say his favorite was stroller testing, and I'll say I was obsessed with cribs, my son's favorite — hands down — was bath toy testing. We've seen it all, used it all, cleaned it all, and were left with one unequivocal favorite


Currently, as I type, my bathtub tiles are covered with these mold-resistant, foam-like cards from Milliwik that stick to the tub and tile. Each card has half an animal and half of that animal's name, so kids can match the correct animals together or create new wacky animals (lion head + rhino butt = lino).

It's not just an incredible distraction (almost too good of a distraction when mommy's trying to rush through bath), but it's actually a good learning tool. Noah matches the animals all on his own, recognizing when one is a "no match, Mommy." He's even starting to sound out syllables with the cards. We don't drill him on the animals or the spelling, of course, but he picks it up through playing. Which, really, is the best way to learn anyway.

Bigger kids will get a kick out of the different animals you can create, and they can even use the cards as a memory game. The company, Milliwik, also creates another mix-and-match bath card game called Sum Bodies, which looks equally awesome:

Although we're all quite smitten with Milliwik's bath cards, they aren't the only bath toys we love. See my complete list of Best Bath Toys for And then check out my favorite ways to store bath toys.