Redefining "Mom Hair"


When it comes to "mom style," my long hair has been a constant struggle. I've contemplated chopping it into a shorter mom-ish 'do, but I hate to lose the youthful, feminine length that I love. And I just can't rock a bob or pixie cut -- as much as I wish I could. Yet blowing out and straightening my long, thick hair is much too time consuming for a daily look, so I often (read: religiously) twist it into an easy low-lying bun. Like, every day.

While searching for new hair ideas,  I saw this hair tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo. It's crazy simple, super chic and just might be the variety I need. See the step-by-step hair tutorial at A Cup of Jo.

Did anyone make a drastic hair style change after having a baby? I'm almost ready for a change...


[Photo credit: Jamie Beck via A Cup of Jo]