Allow Me to Introduce You


This little gentleman is my not-so-much-a-baby Noah. He turned two in February, and enjoys long walks over the Hudson River (with his friend "Baby Ty"), anything that barks/meows/moos/quacks, and cookies. If you give a Noah a cookie, he's going to ask for...another cookie.

His favorite thing to wear is this doggy hat that my sister made to match his Skip Hop backpack. (She's talented, no?) On any given day, that backpack could be filled with wooden trains, his Big Bird stuffed animal or a fistful of broken crayons.

This child will sing the ABCs until your head explodes, and often wakes up singing or counting. Sometimes both.

He is quite the comedian -- always trying to get a laugh. His favorite joke is to call people by the wrong name and then slap his leg in laughter. One of my favorites is when he sees a random man and says, "Hi Daddy!" The split second of panic/confusion/uncomfortableness on that poor man's face before Noah starts laughing is priceless. Sometimes he'll switch it up with, "Hi Elmo!" Or if it's a man with a white beard, "Hi Ho-Ho-Ho!" That one isn't a joke though. That's Santa.

He doesn't understand why some people don't say "hi" back. I don't either.

He's the first baby born in our family, so he's always had quite a fan club. (It's especially those who were the most worried about my unplanned pregnancy that are now the most in love.) Getting people to stop bringing toys is a constant battle, but I suppose I could have bigger problems.

And this is his "ew" face, when he doesn't like something:

So that's that. A little background on the face you'll see here from time to time. I hope you'll keep stopping back because I have some exciting features in the works. Make sure to stop by the Early Mama Facebook page for more updates! And always feel free to drop me a note at -- I love hearing from you all.