Noah's 2nd Birthday Party

a very hungry caterpillar party

For those who followed my Mama Never Said blog (and by the way, most of those posts are imported under the "life" section of Early Mama), I've been super excited to show you Noah's recent two-year birthday party. Two years! Can you believe it?

Noah's all-time favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so we decided to use that as our theme. But in an attempt to veer away from a semi-cliché party theme, we focused on the bright Eric Carle colors and iconic dots found in the book. Take a look:

Our The Very Hungry Caterpillar party menu consisted of food from the book, complete with a handmade tag. We had deviled eggs on lettuce ("a little egg lay on a leaf"), a cheese platter with apples, pears and grapes (the Caterpillar ate through one apple, two pears and a slice of Swiss cheese), chocolate-covered strawberries (on Thursday he ate through four strawberries); and a big salad (because on Sunday he ate a nice green leaf and felt much better).

We also made ice-cream-cone-shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for the kids (because on Saturday, the Caterpillar ate through one ice cream cone). Unrelated to the book, we had chickpea salad and fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwiches.

For the tablescape, I filled tall vases with gum balls to replicate the colorful dots in the book. I also used a circular hole punch to make confetti.

And the menu was complete with this incredible A Very Hungry Caterpillar cake made by my sister.

To complete the dot-like decor, I handmade the banner, filled the ceiling with colorful balloons and draped garland around the room. The garland couldn't have been easier to make: I simply cut circles out of tissue paper and my sister sewed them together with her sewing machine.

We had such a lovely day -- especially Noah, who spent the party dancing, coloring and charming our guests. And now? Now I have a full-fledged toddler who loves telling everyone that he's two! Yay, two!