Budget Nursery Idea: The Glowing Dinosaur


My two-year-old son is all about dinosaurs right now, especially with his three favorites: Long Neck (Brontosaurus), Teeth (T-Rex) and Spike-on-Back (Triceratops). We also happen to be shopping around for a night light, so we can finally turn off the kitchen light at night. And because the $69 Offi MyPetLamp (which would be perfect) is more than we'd like to spend, I was stoked to find these dinosaur lamps at ThinkGeek for only $20.

See more of these dinosaur lamps after the jump:

kids night light


These Dinosaur Lamps from ThinkGeek actually come in pieces, which you slot together. They say it takes about 30 or 40 minutes per lamp, but I think the time is definitely worth the money saved.

What do you think? I'm seriously thinking that this is the winner.