What Mommy DOESN'T miss when she ISN'T at work

Dear Noah,
Today Mommy didn't go to work!
I was able to get you up, feed you, dress you -- and then stay. All day. On a Thursday!
It also happened to be my birthday.
My first birthday with this smiling face in my life.
So we took the opportunity to catch up,

share a few laughs,

enjoy the beautiful day.

I watched you as you watched bubbles for the first time.


We were glued to each other, soaking up every minute of a day that, ordinarily, would have been lost.
And then later, after Daddy got home from work
we went swimming at Great Grandma's.

It was my first time seeing you you kick
and splash
and play in the water.
Seeing your innocent excitement made me wonder, how could I miss this? What else am I missing?
Then I realized,
our time apart makes our time together that much more special.
Thank you for a wonderful birthday, my love.
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